Saturday, 18 June 2011

Video Dissect: Avril Lavigne - Smile

'Smile' has Pop Blimp in a bit of a quandry:
Chorus we love!
Versus we hate!

In the video Avril Lavigne rocks out with spray cans and some really nice green hair. Then hits the black and white streets to steal stuff from people who are already sad (harsh). It turns out though, that when you let Avril steal things from you, you get well happy. 

Let us explore this video together in more detail. Please see Fig's 1  - 8.

Fig.1 - These crooked fingers are dangerous. Dont let that tiny mouth fool you.

Fig.2 - Avril can turn all kinds of invisible and steal stuff. She has a particular fondness for small shards of red glass. As you can see, this couple took a few shards to the cafe - BIG mistake.

Fig. 3 - Oh no, here comes another verse.

Fig. 4 - Gutted that her bit is featured in a verse. Looser. Avril always hated you.

Fig. 5 - ?

Fig. 6 - Clepto. Lucky though cause that shard of glass you are keeping in your hat would probably cut your head.

Fig. 7 - Worst on screen smile in the history of time. Avril = unimpressed.

Fig. 8 - I think I'm a little in love with her.

Verdict - Avril Lavigne may have turned to petty crime to spice up her life, but we all will do at some point. This video isnt great, but to be fair the song is pretty awesome. Just sing the chorus really loud during the versus and you will be fine. Check. It. Out.

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