Sunday, 3 July 2011

Glastonbury 2011 Review

Yep, that's right. Pop Blimp went to Glastonbury. It's been two years since we set foot on the farm, another amazing experience and yet more unpredictable weather:
  1. Wet
  2. Dry
  3. Scorching
  4. Wet again
More importantly for us it contained the Earth's best musical talent. Crammed into 900 acres of fresh pasture were 180,000 adoring festival goers ready to feed. Here is a taster of Pop Blimp's favorites.

First let's start with Patrick Wolf

The last time Patrick Wolf graced Glastonbury was in 2007 when a darker Patrick took to the John Peel stage. This years performance was the complete opposite. Dressed in a sharp blue suit and opening with 'Tristan' pleased the crowd and ensured he made a noticeable entrance. 'House' and 'Time of my Life' followed along with other great new tracks from his latest album 'Lupercalia'. He then felt obliged to come and meet Pop Blimp in the crowd, as you can see we got quite close to our hero. Classics such as 'The Magic Position' also made it onto the set list and he finished with emotionally charged rendition of 'City', definitely a favorite.

Patrick Wolf - Time Of My Life by infinityyeah


Words cannot do them justice for their performance. It is one that we will never forget (currently still best performance on NME poll). It had everything you want from a festival performance, strong emotional lyrics, a Kylie cover and an Opera singer (Richard Sidaway).

  1. Silver Lining = Amazing
  2. Happiness = Happy
  3. Sunday = So Apt (it was Sunday)
  4. Verona = Emotion
  5. Devotion = Epic
  6. Confide in Me = Greatness
  7. Illuminated = Brilliant
  8. Stay = Please Stay
  9. Better then Love = Heaven

Hurts - Better Than Love by mar1n


Fresh from the US, Robyn made a Glastonbury appearance that did not disappoint. Our little Swedish scrapper started the set unable to hear herself, leading to pretty fiery scenes involving a microphone stand, sound-man and some amazing grinding. This did not stop her from belting out some amazing vocals. With sound issues sorted, it became an energetic set which was adored by all who frequented the John Peal Stage. The set mainly concentrated on her latest 'Body Talk' albums and her previous #1 'With Every Heartbeat'. All the tracks translated well as a live performance and, well you just cant beat a bit of Robyn.

Dancing On My Own by robyn

Janelle Monae - The Pop Blimp Headline

It has to be said that Pop Blimp didn't know what to expect from Janelle Monae. Captivating the audience from the first second, it was our most fun performance of 2011 . Hidden behind a black hood she joined her monochrome band for an extended version of 'Dance or Die'. We have never seen as many people dancing at a Glastonbury stage before as we did to 'Tight-rope' and 'Cold War'. Fantastic vocals from an all round fun maker, definitely one to see live. She reminded me of a young Tina Turner, dare I say even better at times. Please, please, please don't return to the Thunderdome, we love you we want more.

Janelle MonĂ¡e - Cold War by Ragged Words

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