Rigil is a songwriter and musician who has become obsessed with finding new music and inspiration. As a blog addict he listened, he read, he consumed...... and so thought, "Wha... I should be doing this". So like Loyd Grossman, he did. Pop Blimp become his online son. A son that repeats and shouts about music. This son got lonely so found two other music hearters to help him on his mission. 

A_D_N_ finds vinyl just plain moorish, he literally cannot get enough of the stuff. He is good at finding music in its purest form and checking unsigned artists. If you got a dog, you know he's going to touch it. His eyes go wild with envy and the hand just moves on its own. Its well nice.

@Scallywagfox is a London based photographer. Working under the alias Jasper Scallywag Fox, Jonathan Bosworth has a penchant for spotting and snapping street style. He enjoys combining the vibrant East London music scene with colourful hits from the past.

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