Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive

"You'll be thirteen, I'll be thirtyfive..." Dillon, this means they are 21 (*brain churns*) you'd be 43. Filthy.

What is not filthy is the sound of stupendously beautiful song. Her voice flits between plucks of harp and nice but dulled piano chords. Its crushing and melancholic, sweet yet spattered with yearnings for a hidden place.

Thirteen Thirtyfive by DillonOfficial

Our recollection of some of Dillon's earlier songs were very naughty, one mention Mother fuffer quite a few times. DILLON.

More of the above please. That would be most lovely. Maybe I should buy 'This Silence Kills'.


  1. A few fans told me that apparently, she's singing about her dead child.....? I can't make the connection between this and the lyrics though. Could you clarify that? :)

  2. @ScorchedSea...
    I'm not too sure on that either, but here's what someone on YouTube said about that:

    i mean the difference between their age is 22. perhaps she lost her child at age 22+ and now that she is 35 her child would be about 13.She wants them to hide from the world, probably cause she thinks society is partly responsible for her death. for the pretty part she probably imagine her to be pretty and innocent cause she never really did see her grew up so all she can do is imagine how pretty she will look if she was alive n heart on fire was probably her anguish.

  3. It's obvious why people are trying to find "alternate" interpretations - no one wants to admit the most obvious one that comes to mind.

    Here goes -->

    you'd be thirteen
    I'd be thirty-five
    gone to find a place for us to hide
    for you I found a cell
    on the top floor of a prison
    just enough space for you to fit your feet in
    I come running with a heart on fire
    (Heart on fire(love/passion) despite the consequences(prison))

    She's trying to describe something disgusting in a beautiful manner -- Probably just for the heck of it!

    1. What is the disgusting i dont understand explain those lyrics to me please...!

  4. I think its about a loving someone under-age

  5. She is singing as a child that has been abused, as an adult reflecting and saying I would do to you what you did to me, with'youd be thirteen I'd be thirtyfive' at the end it means that no matter what pain somebody who has been abused go through sometimes there is a strong 'love/attachment' that goes with the abuse especially if the '35 year old' groomed and seduced to make the '13 year old' love him. Very sad song :( I originally though it was due to a death of a child although there is no reference of death in the song just, betrayal and pain and the need for revenge or closure. Hope she isnt singing from personal experience :( xxx

  6. I've heard many people say it's about a miscarriage she had.