Monday, 1 August 2011

Burning Hearts - So Many Hearts

Weekend Over !!!

I stand choc-o-block on the tube heading to central London. Bad morning commute I think to myself? No way, I am listening to Burning Hearts 'Into the Wilderness'. Which is massive a contradiction, but all of a sudden this little track has made me lose the urge to pleasantly hit something. The track also whisks you to that little place in your imagination, where trees sway in the breeze and you sit among fresh pasture. Tranquillity....

'Into the Wilderness' was released in June and I reckon you should check it out. You will be amazed by its healing powers and ability to promote peace and harmony. 'The Letter' is also another sound delight. Find out more about Burning Hearts -

Right enough of this Hippie Sh*t, song over its rumble time!

Into the Wilderness.

Into The Wilderness by Burning Hearts

There is a Letter for you. Who me?

The Letter by Burning Hearts

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