Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Sound of Arrows - Voyage

We are excited.
We are very excited.
We are stupidly excited.

It is not far now until The Sound Of Arrows debut album is out. Eeeek. Voyage will be available on the 7th of November. But I mean, who can remember dates anymore in this, the post modern world that is now - so pre-order it yes?

The Sound Of Arrows - Wonders by WorkItMedia

'Wonders' has just popped up to remind us of how epic this album is going to be. Loads of sweeping stringy synthy stuffs and sweet boy vocals, dag nabbit, the 7th November feels like an eternity away. The Sound Of Arrows have the melancholy pop love tracks down to a T. Sometimes sad, but still hints of happiness, yet always tugging at anything that has ever touched your heart.

Check out the cuteness that is M.A.G.I.C:

The Sound Of Arrows - Magic by alienhits

The awesomeness that is Nova:

The Sound Of Arrows - Nova by Kale Fuller

And the epicness of the album teaser:

Pop Blimp hopes that everything goes the right way and that The Sounds of Arrows conquer the world. They are continuing to create perfect of remixes of sometimes terrible songs... its the only reason why Nicola Sherzinger could make it onto my iPod. I just wished people could see that when they are scrolling through the artists. Pain.Full.



  1. I'm looking forward to the album release. Their music is so beautiful. And I agree about their awesome remixes--even making not so good songs good.

  2. It should be pretty epic! :)

  3. My favorite bad of the moment.