Friday, 18 November 2011

Will takes on some Kish Mauve Goodness.

We've been pleasantly surprised by Mr Will Young and his new album 'Echoes'. Released on Monday is 'Come On' the second single from the album and yes, we LOVE it. Who would have thought that ten years after winning our hearts and increasing our phone bills in Pop Idol he would still be thrilling us with these little pop gems? Hashtag still paying that phone bill (don't ever let me say hashtag again).

Now music boffins you may be interested in hearing the original Kish Mauve version of this tune. We were certainly more than willing to entertain our ears.

Enjoy a bit of Kish

... and now for our man of the moment

This isn't the first time that Kish Mauve have inspired one our favourite Pop Poppets.

Recognise this track?

a la Minogue:


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