Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lizzie and The Yes Men - Broadwalk / Loneliness

Just who are Lizzie and the Yes Men?

Well, Lizzie is on her knees and her Yes Men are standing proud.  They seem to be looking down at me while I write this, possibly telling me to keep it clean.  So I will!   

The band are self styled as surf-pop, with cinematic contemporary sound.  While I don't disagree, for me I can hear some slimline alternate rock, maybe a touch of the 'The Smiths'  (but please don't hold that against them).

'Loneliness' has a romantic edge to the track and it's catchy how they twist the meaning of loneliness.   This is definitely done to grab the singletons attention (Hi Valerie)!  Liking the 'Broakwalk' too, its more upbeat than 'Loneliness' and I can see myself chill-rocking out to it in Camden during a Sunday binge fest.

Conclusion - They wont be everyone's cuppa, but we like the look, like the sound.  

Broadwalk and Loneliness are released on the 4th June 2012.

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