Saturday, 14 April 2012

Niki and the Dove - Tomorrow


Pop Blimp regulars and total Swedish delights Niki and the Dove are back to make Spring rather overcast with a chance of sunny spells.   The duo's latest bag of tricks 'Instinct' will consist of tracks already released such as the superb 'The Drummer' and 'DJ Ease my Mind', but in addition there will be some new material and it's sounding pretty HOT....

The lead single 'Tomorrow' is out a day before the album on the 13th May.  It's everything you would expect and more, it has robotic electronics and crushing symbols which transpose superbly with Malin's crescendo-ing vocals.   If you like pop tracks bursting with emotion and a sense of intrigue then you can't get better than Niki and the Dove.

Pop Blimp top tip - you wannabe be cool listen Niki and the Dove.

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