Thursday, 30 June 2011

Benjamin Francis Leftwich: Box of Stones, Please Open

This morning I woke up to all kinds of beauty. Firstly the sun was beaming through the clouds as I walked onto the balcony, then the sight of yet more bee's hoovering up sweet nectar from our array of purple flowers (recently potted). Thirdly was the sound of Benjamin Francis Leftwich connecting with my inner ear. His single 'Box of Stones', which was released on the 19th June made an instant connection, bringing out an array of emotion.

It appears his debut album is out on the 4th July called 'Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm'. I have had a listen and for all you ambient/acoustic lovers it's 'quintessentially romantic'. I am sure you will adore it, I do and Pop Blimp can't wait to hear more.

1) Box of Stones. My harbour has a massive boat in it:

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Box Of Stones by Nick-airplayer

2) Pictures:

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Pictures by blurasis

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