Thursday, 15 September 2011

Stateless with the Balanescu Quartet


English band Stateless have been putting out some pretty amazing tracks alongside some stunning videos from their latest album, 'Matilda'. The band garnered some attention when 'Bloodstream' from their previous album was used in the Vampire Diaries soundtrack. 


Their latest single 'Im On Fire' features guest vocals by Shara Warden. She opens the song with the lines 'Whatever you've done, just bury it' and from here on the song begins to haunt dainty hearted listeners. Chris James' vocals begin to intertwine from the chorus to bring in more prettyness. The song reaches its climax from 4mins onwards, where you are rewarded with sweet strings and the girl and guy call vocals reaching beautiful heights. Check out the video:

Previous single 'Ariel', shows off the bands versatility and affections for electronics, base and chunky beats.

Now for the stupidly exciting bit. Stateless are playing a gig tomorrow at the Union Chapel with the Balanescu Quartet. It iss going to be beautiful, anthematic and entirely special. You would be an actual cracked gnome if you were not considering purchasing a ticket.

Here is the Balanescu Quartet in action covering Kraftwerk:

Pop Blimp will be there tweeting out hearts out and making our readers jealous. We will provide a full debrief afterwards to share the magic that is bound to ensue. The venue itself is just astounding, it will be the perfect combination. I cannot wait to see how the band and the Balanescu Quartet interpret the songs. Come and join us? Check out this link to get tickets - TICKETS

Just for fun as it is just after lunch, DUBSTEP - BOOM:

Stateless - Bloodstream (Slick Werk Dubstep Remix) by Slick Werk

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