Saturday, 29 October 2011

Medina - For Altid


You know Medina - she had that epic track 'You and I' a while back that Alphabeat said was the best song ever written? Let's face it, if it has been endorsed by Alphabeat then it means it is the shiz.

The new track 'For Altid' has the whole yearning sadness synth feeling going on. The video is pretty awesome too isn't it?

Anyone got ANY clues on what she is saying? We are thinking it must be sad if there is a graveyard involved. There is never really much fun in those places. Apparently there is an English version kicking around somewhere! We search high and low (for around 2 minutes on Google) for it, if you locate it - Let us know where it is.

In a weird way we quite like the fact we have no idea what is going on. Leaves it open to so much interpretation like all good art. I mean:

Medina - You And I (Original Mix) by chocolatedistance

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