Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hooray For Earth - True Love

We were just sent something 31 minutes ago which was too good to ignore whilst eating the best baguette from Pret. The baguette had like chicken, bacon, rocket.... and even a bit of cheese. A.MAZE.

Check out this awesome and free to download track from Hooray For Earth. 'True Love' is one of those fuzzy, kinda messed up big drums awesomeness tracks. Kinda a bit like Niki & The Dove?  The band have been going for a little while, and herald from the sweet plains of Boston MA. O.M.G, Halloween link? Boston, Salem, Witches, overall death? Maybe this song is just an elaborate spell? I mean, I wrote about it pretty much straight away.

Hooray for Earth - True Loves by memphisindustries

Pop Blimp can now confirm, this song is but a spell. An awesome fuzzy spell, that you download and cast on others.

- CAST -

The band are playing live in London towards the end of November. Head to the Old Blue Last on the 28th November, and you can hear their sweet sounds alongside Elephant. We might pop down.

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