Tuesday, 18 October 2011

L.A. Salami

Last week, Pop Blimp was lucky enough to see L.A. Salami live. We ventured to Camden Barfly in anticipation to see this much hyped London songwriter, and it was exactly that, that we fell in love with - his song writing.

Beautiful, sometimes haunting but achingly honest lyrics were wrapped around gentle plucks and strums from his guitar. Check out "Day to Day (6 Weeks After)" and "We'll Solve It After" for a few sweet examples:

Day to Day (for 6 days a week) - Acoustic by L.A. Salami

We'll Solve it After by L.A. Salami

Did we mention that he also played the HARMONICA?

Everybody who is anyone knows that anybody who plays the harmonica = automatic legend. 

L.A. Salami does have a release coming out soon, featuring nothing less than 24 songs. I know! This sounds like a mammoth EP right? But, if it is full with pretty little stories like the tales that we heard, then we think it could become the ultimate soundtrack to the end of a drunken BBQ where there is nothing elss to do but listen and look at the stars.

We have been searching around to try and find out when the next set of gigs are for L.A Salami so that you can go and hear the tracks live yourself, we will let you know when some pop up. We will probably see you there.

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