Monday, 11 June 2012

Ladyhawke - Black White and Blue

The stand-out track on Lady Pip's latest album 'Anxiety' is 'Black, White and Blue'.  The theme to the album  concentrates on her own experiences of stress and depression as she turns to her music to explain her own feelings about Anxiety.

For me 'Black, White and Blue', explores the confusion of being spaced out and coming to terms with the fact that everything is not black, white, blue, clear or understandable.  The track hint's at times when she has been hitting it too hard (whatever substance that may be), but explains that this is totally understandable, as long as you appreciate and control it.  I think the biggest message from this track is to understand your feelings and get used to them, as you they're not going to totally disappear, so express yourself but be aware of the damage they can do.

The video is based on the Faye Dunaway film 'The Eyes of Laura Mars' where she plays a controversial fashion photographer who see's atrocities happening to friends and colleagues before they happen.  Literally life through the lens and compliments the track really well.


Here are a few additional tracks from the album, as you would expect by the title more subdued and meaningful record, but we like!

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