Friday, 9 December 2011

Kimberly Anne - Tune in at 19:30 Tonight

Q. What are you doing tonight?

This evening at 20:00 you need to head to as Kimberly Anne will be performing live online. It is going to be epic.

Her songs are beautifully crafted pop tracks, and to hear/see them live we think is going to be pretty special. Listen and well, just dream away for a short while:

La La by kimberlyanne

Burry It There by kimberlyanne

If you are lucky, she might even perform her 'Heartbroken' medley which has been going round the blogosphere and online pop planets for a little while now. Though we think it's her own tracks that deserve all the attention!

Heartbroken Medley by kimberlyanne

Tune in later, and we will be in the electronic audience together.

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