Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sexy Boy or Dirty Scamps

'Air Talk' - take a breath and lets listen to the electronica album of the century (1900s).

One of my 'odd' purchases of 1999 was Air's 2nd Album 'Moon Safari'. I got my hands on one of these after coming across 'Sexy Boy' on a C4 TV drama and have loved them ever since.

With tracks like 'Kelly Watch the Stars' and 'All I Need', Air take you back in time to when love, ambition and vanity were part of your everyday life. This record also opened my eyes to other ambient and downtempo greats such as Mogwia and Sigur Ross (forever humble).

The French Duo spent most 2010 on a world tour and I can imagine they are now wanting a 'little sleep'.

Here is a pick of the best, Listen and love or Don't and Self Loath.

Sexy Boy or Dirty Scamp?

Air - Sexy Boy by madhatta

All I Need - Ft Beth Hirsch - such sweet vocals.

Air - All I Need by Moonbay

You make it easy - ft - Beth Hirsch.

You Make it Easy (with Beth Hirsch) by ylemorrison

Kelly Watch the Stars - you'll never learn

Kelly Watch The Stars by John Antoine


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