Saturday, 4 June 2011

Something A La Mode

Something a la mode (SALM) are one of POP BLIMPS new favourite bands. In all fairness we have been loving their sweet sounds for sometime. Whats this Show Me stuffs all about. WE LIKE.
First we stumbled across g-string. Underwear themed tunes have always been, and always will be worthy of obsession, but this one is about the g-string of wooden instruments. Well, that’s what we presume as the song is steeped in luscious thick stings that slowly get mangled into daft punk territory. When the claps come in you are lost to such a deep bass that you can feel your lungs and heart vibrate. See, even your insides are dancing. It always comes on when we DJ in the kitchen. You can slide across the floor to it like a kid at a wedding. Right now I’m on the DLR, but I want to slide so bad it's making fingers feel weird.
Little bit of a feel good is a bit more of a chilled out affair. Again, string laden and utterly beautiful, this one come with vocals from WHO!?!? That mangle busts it way out of it's mangle box but its much more subtle.

Please don't make my feel good go away...

GString - Something A La Mode by Peermusicuk

Something A La Mode - Little Bit of Feel Good by littlelindsb

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