Monday, 13 June 2011

Synchronized - Bextor Back on the Blog

The Danger of being more famous than 'Valerie Singleton' is that you bear childers to the one and only Sophie Ellis Bextor. This is what became of the Blue Peter Goddess Janet Ellis.

Anyway, you may of heard that yesterday the notorious S.E.B. released her new album 'Make a Scene'. For all you fellow Bextiods your going to love it, a mix of old, new and remixes makes this album exactly the same as all the others.

Not one to Bextor Bash, this doesn't mean I am not recommending it, just mentioning that your going to get more of the same.

I would love to see our Soph break out into something more subtle, which lets her voice do the singing.

Anyway, my fave from the Album is Sychonized - more like this please.

Here is a classic;

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Off and on by brunofrika

Mine's a Beck's
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