Tuesday, 19 July 2011

An Animal That I Caught

Oh Oh...... Oh Oh!

Its time. Neon Hitch has been threatening to take over the planet for a while now. For this single its an all out offensive. Lasers set, bombs prepped and ready for domination.

'Bad Dog' is not Neon's first assault on the chart, but it reflects the sound that seems to be flowing through the new album. People will compare her to Uffie, and even Ke$ha. These people are officially STUPID. After 2:08, the listener is exposed to Neon's more softer side that is similar to the songs that made her a fan base to begin with. 'Get Over U' seemed to be the transition track, and then came the infectious 'Silly Girl'. When Pop Blimp caught her live in london she selected someone out of the crowd that looked like a kanine, then casually (forcefully) whipped them whilst belting out 'Bad Dog'. Live she was the perfectest pop star.

Hopefully an official video will be released soon so we can see her in action. Remix's are making their way around the web. Our favourite is by 'DiscoTech', but you can also get a free remix by 'Easy Does It' on her Facebook page. Just like and boom, its yours.

Neon Hitch - Bad Dog (DiscoTech Remix) by NeonHitch

Here are the reasons why we fell in love with her in the first place. Hopefully a couple will make it onto the album in some shape/form.

Neon Hitch - Black and Blue by seamalam

Neon Hitch "Black Sunshine" (prd by QI and Benny Blanco) by PilotCreativeServicesInc

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