Saturday, 9 July 2011

Marina, Diamonds are Forever

Well, its been a year since you literally couldn't move for hearing Marina and the Diamonds. If you were not a Robot, you were Catherine Zeta, oh no my names Marina..

So where has she gone I hear you shout. Well touring is the answer and by the look of her amazing official blog doing quite allot of it.
Link Right now it seems she is trying to get a foothold in American and we don't blame her. There is also talk of a new Album in October and a few demo's have been leaking, so being in the sharing mood, we have decided to post a couple.

So, will they be diamonites destined for the 'vajazzel', or pearlers to make you 'vajizzel'.

Well the first is to air is Living Dead, if this is a taster of her reinvention then we will be in for a real treat. Listen to the Keys, they instantly distract and grab your attention.

Treats for all, as the second Demo is 'Sinful'. Hearsay is that this is probably a 'Jewels' track reinvigorated, as it does seem to have all the typical hallmarks. If it was bumped from the first album, why the hell was it bumped!! Its great, like Frosties.

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