Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Drinking Tanqueray with Kites

Heads up - Kites have arrived

Last Thursday was an eventful evening, as fresh looking band 'Kites' invited us to a gig at the Morton's Club in Mayfair. Very Powshh, intimate little gig, where we were literally on stage with the band. This made the atmosphere and sounds 'rather quite good'. The audience loved it with cheers of 'rar' 'rar' (probably due to the location).

The tracks sounded cool and right on the money. The most memorable were 'Let's not Become Undone', which had an excellent synth lead and the 'Disappearance of Becky Sharp' which was defiantly our favorite, very 80s Stylee.

The Kites collection are below, but check out their website for more info -

Overall a pretty cool gig and a bit of band 'eye candy' never goes a miss.

POP BLIMP MORTON'S CLUB TOP TIPS - Buy the Gin. I raised my glass for only £36 squiddels.

KITES - Collection by Kites

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