Saturday, 6 August 2011

Powerdown at Metropolis Studios

Pop Blimp was lucky enough to be present at the August Power Down event at the fantastic Metropolis Studios. We watched some amazing live music and then had a little tour. It was:


Line up:

James Spankie

James Spankie is one of those artists you are just drawn towards on stage, there is an effortless fragility to his music creation process.

Using a loop machine to build each song, James has a virtual orchestra of himself to play with. Layer upon layer of violin would combined with lush piano and drumless beats. It was really...... well, really inspiring. If there is ever an opportunity to see this artist live, take it!

Movement by James Spankie

Destination by James Spankie

Threnody by James Spankie

Kill It Kid

This band has two insane voices. It was a pretty acoustic set, it was pretty amazing. Check out these sounds:

Heart Rested With You by Kill It Kid

Pray On Me by Kill It Kid

Thank you Metropolis Studios. Pop Blimps hearts forever.

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