Friday, 2 September 2011

The Age Of Consent - Free MP3

The Age Of Consent is a London based duo made up from two old members of Shit Disco. They have been working hard in little Italian farm houses, squirrelled away with good produces to make and create some pretty awesome sounds. I'm not sure if The Age Of Consent are full on licensed mathematicians, but they might be.

   Big drums
+ Crunchy Synths
+ Echoing Vocals 
+ Epicness
= Gothic Pop Goodness

What an exciting calculation? Well you can shut up, cause they have only gone and added to it: Gothic Pop Goodness X FOE = !

Check out the Is Tropical remix of 'The Beach'. The best part is you can download it for free, put it on your iPod and then actually take it to the beach. Listening to a track called the beach, on the beach!  MEGA CHORTLES.

The Beach (IS TROPICAL Remix Feat. FOE) by ageofconsent

Who is this FOE lady? I quite like her voice.... and her hair. There are some quality remixes on her soundcloud page. Here are two sweet samples that have either been all fuzzed by the legendary Alec Empire or by Entrepreneurs. FOE, would you like to come to my party? There's cake, goodie bags, and  two rounds of pass the parcel that has a (small) prize in each layer. No one goes away from my party empty handed. NEVER.

Genie In A Coke Can (ALEC EMPIRE RMX) by FOE



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