Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Remixed and Reworked #1

Welcome to Remixed & Reworked Volume 1. This weekly feature will offer up the latest or bestest remixes and covers by both established and emerging artists. All sounds exciting doesn't it? Well shush... let us begin.

Madonna - Music (Monsieur Adi Remix)
Monsieur Adi seems to be working his way through all of Madonnas back catalogue. This is a proper well good thing. He turns each one of this classics into something brand new, often with stupidly beautiful string crescendo's that could crush a whole melon.

Vetiver - Cant You Tell (Bings Slim for Summer Remix)
The Errant Charm album by Vetiver has some absolutely stunning tracks on it. This remix take the track to base ridden levels and repeatedly chopping swirling strings heaven. I like. You can hear the whole album on their Facebook page.
Vetiver - Can't You Tell (Bing's Slim for Summer remix) by subpop

Colette Carr - (We Do It) Primo (Alex Armes Remix)
Cherrytree Records have hosted a whole bunch of remixes of this ridiculously catchy track on their soundcloud, but this one blasts the others out of the water. The orignal and the remix both feature a bizarre Keane sample, sung by both Colette and Frankmusik, but it works. It works pretty well.
(We Do It) Primo (Alex Armes Remix) by CherrytreeRecords

Marina And The Diamonds - Radioactive (How To Dress Well Rework)
Here at Pop Blimp we are completely seduced by Marina remixes. I know for a fact that @Becca2511 can testify! This rework is pretty amazing, taking the song to a chilled out fake beach vibe. Bust out the windbreak its getting GUST ON.
Marina And The Diamonds - Radioactive [How To Dress Well Rework] by 679artists

Spark - Revolving (The Streets Remix)
This track is so ridiculously slick its unreal. I mean like well unreal. This is boarderline nu-garage. SAMBUCA. There is a pure orchestral version by the one and only Monsieur Adi (feature around 10 lines up) that will probably service in this feature soon. Shout out to the streets for taking the sultry song to the sexy. A wind-up doll with no place to be......
Spark - Revolving (The Streets Remix) by 679artists

Scattered Trees - Four Days Straight (Alek Fin Remix)
We have featured The Album Leaf remix of this track previously on Pop Blimp. The original song is currently being given away on We Are Hunted, head there now! Scattered Trees = immense. Hearts.
Scattered Trees- Four Days Straight (...ALEK.FIN.REMIX...) by ...ALEK.FIN...

Right. So that is it for now. We will be back... like terminator despite hot pools and puddles, Remixes and Reworked will definitely be back.

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