Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Artist Update - 'fingertips' - Scissor Kick Video


In September we blogged about up and coming Australian Band 'fingertips'.  To update you with their 'comings' and 'goings', they have recently been working on the video for their catchy track 'Scissor Kick', and well here it is.....

VERDICT - Well, it's an arty, colourful and pleasantly visual video, which compliments the track well, and even features some sneaky cleavage to grab attention. I want more cleavage madame.

Directed by fingertips' multi talented 'Clare Knight', shot and edited by 'George Sandman' (no sleeping was allowed during any filming of this video) it's a cool little pop video, that should help get their music out there.  

We are eagerly awaiting the follow up tracks. Ears - ATTENTION.

Scissor Kick by fingertips

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