Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Elephant - Assembly

Q. What's this all about then?
A. It's a pretty free song, that you should steal, and play merrily.

Elephant are a London based duo who are writing, making and singing some really nice stuff. 'Assembly' features Amelia's sweet vocals bouncing well off the other sounds that it is encased within. Listen with both headphones though, there is a lot of left and right panning action going on here. If you have one ear, the only option is to cram both into your ear. It may hurt yes, but it will be worth it.

Q. Shut up! -------There is more?
A. Yes, well.. you can't download these for free, but £1.49 it doesn't seem so bad.

Q. These questions are annoying.... can you just let me know when they are playing live?
A. ..............................yes *mumbles*. Please see below:
21-Nov SOUTHAMPTON Joiners
22-Nov LIVERPOOL Shipping Forecast
24-Nov LONDON Shacklewell Arms
25-Nov BRIGHTON The Haunt

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