Monday, 31 October 2011

Remixed & Reworked #3

Instalment #3, Issue #3, erm.... Episode #3?

Welcome to latest edition of remixed and reworked. All the latest (or outdated) remixes, covers and slightly altered tracks that are kicking around online at the moment. It's a nice little line up with a lot of freebies:

Sunday Girl - Love U More (RAC Mix)
Sunday Girl has one of the cutest voices on the planet. Her covers of Ke$ha and other artists have won many hearts and followers, but it her original tracks that garner the most respect. If you want more, then check out the video. I think she won the fittest girl slow-mo video contest.
Sunday Girl - Love U More (RAC Mix) by RAC

YACHT - Dystopia (Emperor Machine Remix)
Give this little track some time. Once it gets going and the vocals make their appearance, you begin to see the depths of sweetness that Emperor Machine has taken the track. Higher higher higher!!!
YACHT - Dystopia (Emperor Machine Remix) by Mixmag

Justice - Newlands (The Blister Boyz Remix)
This French duo have given the Justice track a little revamp. The band will be releasing their second EP pretty soon, we will keep you posted like a postcard. If you like it, you can download if free -
Justice - Newlands (The Blisters Boyz Remix) by The Blisters Boyz

Rihanna & Calvin Harris - We Found Love (R3hab's XS Remix)
Awesome track turned more filthy, which is fine by us. FILTH ME UP R3HAB.
Rihanna & Calvin Harris - We Found Love (R3hab's XS Remix) by R3HAB

Kasabian - Videos Games (Lana Del Rey cover)
Obviously we are big fans of Lana Del Rey here at Pop Blimp. This cover by Kasabian works with cute twinkly verses, but nothing can beat her original chorus. Nice little cover though.
Kasabian - Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover) (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge) by CoverMe

Austra - Spellwork (Baron Von Luxxury Space Catherdral Remix)
It..... actually feels..... as though..... I'm..... in... a......... space cathedral.
Forever I shall remain here.......
Austra - Spellwork (Baron Von Luxxury Space Cathedral Remix) by DominoRecordCo

Tracy Thorn - Night Time (The XX Cover)
Tracy Thorn is back with a new EP and this makes us very happy. Her unmistakeable voice takes on this track and it sounds beautiful. The EP comes out tomorrow. #preorder.
Tracey Thorn 'Night Time' by buzzinfly

Charlene Soraia - Wherever You Will Go (The Calling Cover)
What has Sophie Habibis done? The original enters the chart after her X factor performance, and now a cover shoots right in too. To be fair though, its a pretty nice cover though isn't it?
Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Soraia

Pedestrian - Hei Poa (Frederic Robinson Remix)
Time for something a little glitchy and choppy. Check out this awesome remix of Pedestrians track 'Hei Poa'.  The 12" is released on 7th November.

Game OVER.
Let me rest now...

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