Friday, 14 October 2011


What did we possibly do to deserve so much Bush?

Kate Bush.

Normally we are required to wait a minimum of 5 years before Kate even whispers at a new release. Yet in what only seems like a snap of the fingers of time since 'Director's Cut', a new album awaits its Bushettes.

'50 Words For Snow' is set for release in November but for now treat yourself to 'Wild Man'. Its another remarkable slice of pop madness. The schoolmaster of Darjeeling said...

To celebrate such a momentous occasion we have included our Top 5 favourite Kate Bush moments. So many to choose, so many to choose....

5. Army Dreamers

4. Running Up That Hill

3. Hounds Of Love

2. Babooshka

1. Wuthering Heights

Still the best.. and who hasn't performed their own version after a few whiffs on the squiffy pipe. Kate - WE LOVE YOU

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