Friday, 25 November 2011

I am a Camera - Commuter Love

Commuter love is taking over everybody's daily life!  With various tube crush type sites popping up, we are all starting to find the commute to work a little more interesting then playing 'who's that smell' or 'please don't touch me'.  So why not create, produce and release a track which celebrates one of the only joys of heading to work on Monday morning.  Well that's exactly what 'I am a Camera' have done, with a 100% rating from Pop Blimp.

Their new Single 'Commuter Love' is out on the 4th December and what an intriguing track it is.  The track is (surprisingly) a commuter love story.  With no confusing lyrics or hidden meanings, it does exactly what it says on the tin.  I am loving the disjointed synths in this track, there sharpness and simplicity make your ears prick and head turn like a meerkat from the start.   Check out the track and video, you will not be disappointed.  A great pop all-rounder - BRAVO !!

I am a Camera - Pop Blimp Commutes and we can see you TOO......

I Am A Camera - Commuter Love by PurplePR

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