Friday, 30 December 2011

Lana Del Rey - Yayo


It's a Lana double bill this week, as she has put out 'YAYO' and 'Off to the Races' within days of each other.

With YAYO she is putting on a show for us ! and particularly a show for some type of tiger ! RurrrrR !

This track is slower then previous releases and doesn't have the initial impact like 'Born' or 'Video Games'. To be fair it's probably a B-side type track. This doesn't mean the track is pants, far from it!   'Yayo' invites you to listen to some sweet, soft, vocals without any effects (and probably limited production), but this ensures that you can hear her talent is its rawest form.  

Lana Del Rey - Yayo by garrisonOCH

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