Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lights - Everybody Breaks A Glass

We are lying. This is not a new obsession, this is an obsession we have had for ages and love re-living. Like a zombie track that refuses to get buried.

We can't enough of Lights' cute voice and crunchy drums in 'Everybody Breaks a Glass':

Lights - Everybody Breaks a Glass by Partisan PR

Lights is making her way to the UK as part of her tour - London 24th February, I know what we will be doing! Drinking pints and dancing our toes in a crowd to some glitchie pop music.

Lights - Toes by Partisan PR

A surprise favourite of ours is the final track on the album. The epic 'Day One' is a saw wave tour of a hail hit mountain with nothing but a cardigan for company. A CARDIGAN!

Lights - Day One by Partisan PR

*Taps fingers waiting till late February*

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