Friday, 6 April 2012

Garbage - Blood for Poppies

I must be the only Garbage mega fan not to know that they had reformed and new material is already out there! Shit the bed, I freaking love Garbage and in particular the deep, dark and intriguing vocals of 'our Shirls'.

So the news on the street is that their new album 'Not Your Kind Of People' is to be self released on the 15th May, this will make May the best month of all the months. Also as it's self released (and no pokey label fiddling with their sound) you can probably expect it to be old school and slightly dark rock in places, well I really hope so!

So the teaser single 'Blood for Poppies' is typical Garbage, it's radio rock, rather grunge-esk and catchier than white bate . The video is yet again another classic, but what would you expect it's only directed by the delicious fashion photographer Matt Irwin. The black and white screen shots are obviously inspired by the recent silent movie phase gripping the industry at present. Keep you EYE out for the Shirley under the knife. What's that i hear you say? I'll have a slice of that please!

LOVE IT. It's a great track and so, so glad to see garbage back!

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