Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sarah Williams White - If I Smile At You / Take Your Time

(Spot it  - I spot maracas)

Sarah Williams White is a London based sweet heart and first came to our attention last year with the AA 'Hide the Cracks' / 'Charlie'.

Her latest AA is ' If I Smile At You / Take Your Time'. Self produced, these tracks are minimalistic and unique.  Basically you can tell she has trampled her own identity all over them.  I particularly like the way she uses her voice as an instrument, weaving it in and out of the electronics. Its something different - Yum!

The only issue...... with the industry swamped with young talented female artists, will she get a look in? I do hope so! I want to hear MORE MORE MORE.

I think, NO I know you are going to like them !

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