Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Charlie XCX - You're the One


Last week Charlie XCX let loose her latest single 'You're the One' streaming it via SoundCloud.  So lets get started with the dissection: 
  1. Firstly I need to set you a scene.  Ok, so imagine you're bouncing around a padded, soundproofed room (possibly wearing a straight jacket) while a really cool boom-box smashes out the tingling vibrations, raw baseline and blunt lyrics to 'You're the One'.
  2. Are you there yet? Yes, good !  Now turn up the volume and keep listening to it on repeat as you romp-a-stomp and go slightly mental.
  3. Still in the padded room, now think about the mind, heart and soul and the battle that commences as they tear each other apart contemplating the feeling of love.  On one side you're restrained by rational thought on the other your thoughts are raw, emotional and reasonless.  
  4. The outcome??!! Who knows ??!! and this is exactly where Charli XCX leaves you at the end of this track.
  5. Still in that padded room?
Overall I love this track, everyone should be able to relate to it in some way.  The majority of the lyrics are not necessarily negative (until the end), but the tone, base and reverb of the track make it have a deeper and sadder feel.  For me the track is about unrequited love or falling for that someone special when they are out of reach.   

Great track and will be released at the end of July.


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