Friday, 1 June 2012

Karin Park - Highwire Poetry

On Wednesday night I found myself being humbled, completely humbled by an act that took my breath away, sent alarms ringing and opened the flood gates.

So who is this wonderful act I speak off ?

Karin Park is who I speak of...  The stylish Sweed was launching her latest album 'Highwire Poetry' at the stylish London's club 'Scotch' and us here at Pop Blimp went down to take a look.

She opened the gig with a class acapella performance of 'Restless', then moved on to 'Tiger Dreams' and other spell bounding tracks from the album, finishing (after the audience demanded more) with 'Bending Albert's Law'.  Karin has immense style, sophistication and looks pretty dam dapper. She totally owns the stage, but above all I have probably never heard such emotionally penetrating vocal in a live performance before.  She totally encapsulates the audience and I would totally and utterly recommend that everyone should see her live.

The album itself is industrial elecro pop at its best, with a Karin's vocal sounding like a mashup between Kate Bush and Bjork (especially on Restless). To give you a taste I have added my favourite tracks below, but the gold medal has to go to 'Bending Albert's Law' this track stops your heart and reignites it within a millisecond, it will totally let your emotion loose, with only one outcome - tears.  

Highwire Poetry is out on the 4th June, so go buy my little petals.

Totally Love the Tracks
Totally Love the Style
Totally Love her Dimples   

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