Monday, 4 June 2012

Little Boots - Headphones (and a little Kate Bush Cover)

La la lalala, la la la la lalala 

Yesterday Little Boots released her latest little disco-pop track 'Headphones'.  To be honest and fair it's probably not her best and of late I have not really heard anything that has amazed or ignited any passion.     Although it has made be sing La la lala la la la la lala for the last six hours !! 

Given the direction and genre some artists are pigeon-holed into, you never always see their versatility.  Therefore it would be a CRIME for me not to show you the softer acoustic side of Boots.  Here she is covering a Kate Bush Iconic Track 'Running Up That Hill'.  I stumbled upon it recently after becoming rather addicted to this track of late.  Think this track totally suits her voice and its a pretty dam ace cover!  

Original and only KATE !

I'm going to sit in a corner and listen !!!

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