Thursday, 6 September 2012

Saint Lou Lou - Maybe You

Let me introduce you to Saint Lou Lou, twins of Australian / Swedish origin.  So what happens when the two mix?  Well Saint Lou Lou are the perfect example - for example:
  • A pair of gorgeous twins (see above)
  • A pair of amazing lungs, producing exquisite vocals (listen below)
  • You get a cracking video that Davidoff couldn't even conjure up (watch below).
But on a more serious note, their debut single 'Maybe You' is such a refreshing track to end the summer, I can picture myself sat on San-Antonio bay watching the sun set to this track.  The track has such a peaceful air of tranquillity about it, but also a sad and mysterious undertone.  The video has an abundant amount of stunning models kissing and licking anything in sight, but when put this against the black and white slow moving scenes, well, its total bliss.

Find out more about Saint Lou Lou here, I reckon we are going to be hearing lots more from em !



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