Monday, 30 May 2011

Black to Black - Totally Focused No Hocus Pocus

The UK can't get enough of electro-pop female artists right now, as for the men they don't seem to get a look in. This is rather unfair, I like men...

One of these is the UKs own Dan Black. His Debut Album 'Un' was released in 2009 and for some ludicrous reason didn't make it bigtime. It is full of querky electroblimp tracks. Symphonies' classical choir backing sounds makes me wanna sing gospel like Michelle Williams.

If you ever get to see him live he doesnt dissapoint, especially as he is energetic whippet. Here is the video for Symphonies, if you ain't heard it your going to love it.

Blimps take a bow, Passion Pit onboard.

Symphonies (Passion Pit Remix) by The Hours

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