Monday, 30 May 2011

Is there a cat under your hat Alex Winston?

'Sister Wife' is  perfect, although POP BLIMP does not condone marrying your sister - your kids will be messed up.

Despite her obsession with incest, Alex Winston also seems to have a bit of a problem with her cat. Please see evidence below (fig.1 - 6).

Fig 1 - Shuts cat between oak doors

Fig. 2 - Greasy as

Fig. 3 - Psychological torture e.g. I'm gonna stuff you after I have killed you etc...

Fig. 4 - Spitting feathers

Fig. 5 -???

Fig. 6 - The most horrible of all: Spinning with the cat as though you are Jack & Rose on the lower decks of the Titanic

There is a Ladyhawk remix kicking around somewhere too. Im going to stick this on repeat for a while.

Alex Winston - Sister Wife by Island Records UK

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