Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Guillotine Queen

Yadi's tracks are straight up chart friendly. The wistful yearning vocals blend well with the powerful pop production. There are a couple of her songs kicking about on the old internet and all deserve a listen.

In 'Guillotine' her commands are clear:
1. Lay down your swords
2. Lay down your pistols
3. Call off your dogs
4. Show no resistance

Erm............. Deal! Here is your crown M'Lady.

Guillotine is fit as, but its Yadi's 'Willow' that is gonna creep into your ears covertly and take a little bit of your heart. If your a fan of Neon Hitch then you will fall head over heals. Neon's stuff seems to be going down the diiirty girl route - Yadi just plays it cool. At the moment all sources say she is unsigned. I think all sources lie.

Check here for more info: www.myspace.com/hannahyadi

YADi - GUiLLOTiNE by Pop Culture Monster

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