Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bonjour Monsieur

Monsieur Adi has produced some of the best remixes over the past year or so. Not sure if he has some sort of spethal relationship with Cherry Tree Records, but artists include FrankMusik, Ellie Goulding, Marina and The Diamonds and Spark. The mix of harsh synths, pretty strings and chopped up vocals make it his style instantly recognisable/lovable.
Monsieur Adi's solo bits and pieces like 'We Are The Romans' are just as epic. Latest track with Gary Go was probably number 1 in  parallel universe somewhere. That universe sounds like fun, we should defo pack a wicker basket full of Smirnoff Ices and just go. I'll get my mum to call in sick for us? She has a nokia 3310 and loads of different covers.

Remixes by Monsieur Adi

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