Saturday, 11 June 2011

BretonLABS Sandwich

We have already shown BretonLABS some love recently, but we just have so 
much love to give. Pretty high up on all our automated top 25 playlists is their 
remix of Penguin Prisons 'Something I'm Not'. It is sandwiched between Friendly
Fires and Chew Lips. Oh my, what a scrumptious sandwich, and only £3 with a
packet of crisps and a juice - I do believe Madame you have yourself a deal.
    PENGUIN PRISON / Something I'm Not - bretonLABS RMX by bretonlabs
Their solo stuff is chop happy dream-pop dance on. Do a little search for them on 
Soundcloud and you will uncover all kinds of mini treasures.
    DECEMBER by bretonlabs 
Where the hell is my sandwich?

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