Saturday, 11 June 2011

Florrie - Good Tunes & Sometimes Giant Hair

Florrie is pretty cool ain’t she ey? Power-Hair = she is business.

She is trying a different approach by not accepting a major record deal for now. Giving her total creative freedom - and so far it looks like its been a pretty good plan.

'Begging Me' is a sweet juicy pop explosion. She gottalot of gadgets. I wonder what kinds? I've been told that gadgets are always popular with pop starlets. Its like a drug for them, always trying to outdo eachother with the latest must have gadget, its more important than the music. 

In the bridge of 'Begging Me' I see images of  a tiny Tom Cruise (short hair not long) with little ‘Mission… impossible, mission impossible’s. Also check out 'Experimenting with Rugs'. Its a nice melancholic pop track.

There are a few thousand remixs popping up over the net - some a worth a listen. Even Fred Falke has been involved.

For free MP3’s head to

Begging Me by Florrie

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