Wednesday, 17 August 2011

GA-GA - You and I Video 'plus' Pop Blimp's top 5 - GA-GA

Get ready for a treat for all you little Monsters.

Mother Monster has released her latest video, yet again its another brilliantly obscure video with plenty of hidden messages and idiosyncrasies. The video is for the track 'You and I' which has an American south/country(esk) sound to it and is from her latest album 'Born this Way'.

Gaga fans are not having to wait long for the ever lasting series of treats that just keep coming... Will it ever end? NO it wont.

Us here at Pop Blimp are eagerly awaiting the video for 'Government Hooker' (which we recently blogged) as we expect this to excite.

Gaga said that 'You and I' was partly about fantasy and reality and this definitely comes across in the video. You can't help but applaud her artistic talent.

While spending a few hours trawling through Vevo, we decided to rate our 5 favourite Gaga Videos. So here they are, what are yours?

NUMBER 5 - POKER FACE - Shoulder Pads People!

NUMBER 4 - JUDAS - Forget Judas I am actually in love with Jesus!

NUMBER 3 - ALEJANDRO - Classico!

NUMBER 2 - PAPARAZZI - Oops did you fall? Puss Puss!

NUMBER 1 - TELEPHONE - Beyonce and a bit of mass murder - epic!

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