Tuesday, 16 August 2011

No I.D - Frankmusik ft Colette Carr

ME - Shut your mouth and PARTY with me!

YOU - Why?

ME - Because Cherrytree Records have let loose a track from Frankmusik's new album 'Do It In The AM' due out in late September. The track is 'NO I.D' and features the ultra cute Colette Car.
YOU - So what happens when Frankmusik collaborates?

ME - You get a pretty ace pop song that's what!!
'No I.D' is definitely a grower, after just one listen you cant stop (it's true, it's happened to me). The keys are rather catchy from the start and continue to delight all the way through the track, add a few alco fuelled lyrics and you get a pretty cool pop track.
Also, who's been hiding Colette Carr in the boot of a 1974 Chevy. She has a pretty distinctive voice and I want to hear more, so get her out of that boot, NOW!
This little teaser is getting Pop Blimp HQ rather excited about 'Do It In The AM'. People, it's hold on to your pants time, oh yes!
Take a listen - get addicted.

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