Thursday, 22 September 2011

Rendezvous - For You

This afternoon I had a 'Rendezvous' with a video that is pure 'animatronic art' (if there is such a thing).

Israeli duo 'Rendezvous' are yet to release their latest single 'The Murf', but on the 7th September the video and track were let loose through 'Vimeo', and they have been clocking up the hits.

The video takes you on a journey of sorts and has a comedic undertone throughout. Fans of 'Big Little Planet' will appreciate the similarities in animation, which seems to be gathering cult status at present.

I class the track as easy listening, but with an edge! The Edge being that it transports you back to 80s. How? Well the distinctive electronic sounds remind me of the classic TV treats such as 'Knightrider' (Hoff Love) and 'Airwolf'. Therefore an instant hit here.

You will Enjoy !

You can check out more about 'Rendezvous' here

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