Sunday, 13 November 2011

Jess Hall Band - Play Shy / Night Lights

Sometimes it's just great to sit back and chill, and this wonderful Sunday evening I have done just that. I happen to be in the company of the beautiful Jess Hall Band (alas via soundcloud).

One of their latest tracks 'Play Shy' has the amazing ability to connect directly with your emotions. It's a simple track, striped of any effects, which ensures the amazing vocals of Jess Hall stand out. My obsession does not stop there, as their Demo 'Night Lights' is another pretty sweet track, and to be honest, it aint no Demo.

Jess Hall is an artist with amazing vocal ability, and one I will be keeping my eyes and ears out for. After listening to their tracks again and again I don't think I have heard such a naturally effortless vocal.

I recommend you listen, no I demand you listen..

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