Monday, 14 November 2011

Queen of Hearts - Black Star

Queen Of Hearts has been working with some amazing artists for her latest EP, including The Sound Of Arrows, Beatrice Hatherley (Kylie / Zoot Woman), Dreamtrak and Diamond Cut. That probably explains why it is so sonically awesome.

'Black Star' is a dark track with deep swelling bass-ridden synths wrapping around your headphones. The skipping clunky beats add to the evil sounds. Well worth checking out:

Black Star (Produced by Devils Gun) by Queen Of Hearts


There are a tonne of free remixes to steal too, which is always pretty nice. Pop Blimp's favourite is by Shake Aletti. There is also a nice cover of the Foals track 'Spanish Sahara'. #Download!

Black Star (Shake Aletti Remix) by Queen Of Hearts

Spanish Sahara (Produced by DREAMTRAK) by Queen Of Hearts

A new obsession is born. We shall stalk Queen Of Heart's musical career hence forth. An album should be coming out next year, I wish I had a really cool watch or something that would let me fast forward time. That would be perfect.

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