Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Chairlift - Met Before


Following the departure of Aaron Pfenning (he's up there somewhere, probably not on the far left) Brooklyn's Chairlift are down 33% on the members front, but up about 40% on the awesome front. Umm... sorry Aaron.

New single 'Met Before' drops like a cannonball into the Tune Pool, making a tremendous Pop Plop and splashing water all over the sides. The surrounding sunbathers are soaked with galloping drumbeats, quiet-loud choruses and glorious 'a-woah-woh-oh's. The 'a-woah-woh-oh's in particular are dripping wet.

Met Before by Chairlift

FACT: Chairlift's Patrick Wimberly (also up there somewhere, also probably not on the left) produced a few tracks for Das Racist's latest album 'Relax', including the sounds-nothing-like-Chairlift-but-does-sound-like-awesome single 'Michael Jackson'.


Das Racist - Michael Jackson by Transdreamer

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